Love Eats

“Come to me all you who are diet weary and burdened by your body. I will give you rest.” ~Jesus

Okay, that isn’t exactly what Jesus said, but I think he’d invite a bunch of us lady-mamas to dinner and say this over bread and wine!


Culture is saturated with diets, body expectations, food rules, eating disorders, conflicting ideals of healthy, and regulations of what, when, and how to eat and cook. You are constantly being told through media and cultural norms that you need to “be healthier,” “lose weight,” “dress for your shape,” blah-dy blah blah. Even in Christian culture there are people selling you diet plans, books, and advice on how to approach weight loss from a biblical angle.

Yet there’s a general conflicting message that says you’re made in God’s image and perfect just the way you are. What does that even mean? And how does it relate to the fact that you cried on the scale this morning after you couldn’t button your favorite pants. You don’t feel perfect at all. You feel fat.

In fact, you’ve done your best to listen to the advice, to make lifestyle changes, to stick with the diets. Yet you stand in front of your mirror or on your scale or in the shower feeling angry, ashamed, and guilty about your body… the way it looks, how much it weighs, how it doesn’t fit in your clothes right.  You chastise yourself for not having better habits, for giving into cravings, for not having better discipline in your workouts. When it comes to food you feel either hungry or guilty–never satisfied. Heck, you’ve even lost weight only to gain it back plus some. And even when the weight was off, you still didn’t feel happy. Riddle me that!


*deep breath* I get it. I really do because I became so consumed with eating right, fearing fat, and staying fit that I developed anorexia with borderline orthorexia. It was 13 years of torture on my body, mind, and spirit. So I promise I get it.

I am better now, and I have found peace with food and my body. So will you.

I’m here to tell your body is divinely created and doesn’t need diets, fitness regimens, or lifestyle changes. Your body doesn’t need to be controlled, it just needs to be heard. When you listen to your body and respond to what it’s asking, that’s true health. Love Eats is a space to rediscover your ability to eat your food and move your body through the lens of self-love.

You will not find diets or fitness tips here. In fact, most of what I say here is completely counter-cultural, which I hope you’ll find as a relief at some point! But it will sound scary–and likely even crazy–at first. But if you trust God with your life, then you can trust God with your body. You’re going to learn how your body works, why you can trust it, and why you aren’t bad for loving food–and eating it! You’re going to learn how to connect with your body and eventually love it. And the best part, when you connect with your body, you will connect with God and his amazing love for you.

Where to start: sign up for the guide I wrote especially for you called 4 Healthy Habits That Are Hurting You