Trusting God with your body



Culture is saturated with diets, body expectations, food rules, eating disorders, conflicting ideals of healthy, and regulations of what, when, and how to eat and cook. We are constantly being told through media and cultural norms that we need to “be healthier,” “lose weight,” “dress for your shape,” blah-dy blah blah. Even in Christian culture there are people selling diet plans, books, and advice on how to approach weight loss from a biblical angle.

But aren’t we created in God’s image and perfect just the way we are?

I’m here to tell you that your body is divinely created and doesn’t need diets, fitness regimens, or lifestyle changes. Your body doesn’t need to be controlled, it just needs to be heard. When you reconnect with the body God designed for you and listen to what its asking for, without judgement and with curiosity,  you discover what health feels like and looks like for you. No one but you and God gets to have a say about what you eat, how you move, how you live, and most importantly, what you are worth.

This corner of the internet is a place to connect your faith in God with trusting the body and mind and life he designed for you (and me).

You will not find diets or fitness tips here. I am an anti-diet body-positive advocate; mental health advocate, and Jesus advocate. Most of what I teach here is counter-cultural, which I hope you’ll find as a relief at some point, and follows the Intuitive Eating principles and supports the mission of Heath at Every Size (HAES). My insights and thoughts will sound scary–and likely even crazy–at first. Please understand all my content comes from my own experiences in recovery from anorexia, dieticians and therapists in the mental health and nutrition industry, and fellow intuitive eating and HAES body advocates.

If you trust God with your life, then you can trust God with your body. You can find health and wellness for yourself (without diets, programs, and shame) when you remember how to connect with the  body, mind, and life God designed for you. You can. I promise.

Where to start: Check out this little gift I made for you!