Waiting to be Released (Blog Hop)

Above the the Writer Wednesday photo prompt, below is the story I wrote to go with it. Enjoy!

Mandatory words: fin, vitamins, trousers, toothpick, creeper

“Finnegan, listen to me. I know you had a tough day at school, and believe me, you’re in big trouble. But I want to tell you an important story that you are never to repeat to anyone. Understand?”

“Yes, mama. ‘M sorry I put glue in Roger’s sandwich. I just get so mad when he calls me sissy. The other day I was eatin’ my Skittles you packed and he said I was eatin’ sissy vitamins to the whole cafeteria- that these vitamins would make me a bigger sissy. I just don’t know what to do with all the mad I have bubblin’ inside. It makes me all shaky and then when I do some’in mean back I feel all happy ‘n’ stuff,” Fin confessed with his head down and shoulders slumped.

“Finny, look around at this beautiful land we live on. It almost reminds me of a fairyland…too beautiful to be real. Well, und’neath all this beauty lays a dark world full of magic that is used to destroy. The only way to keep the dark from coming up and swallowin’ our pretty world is to make right choices.”

Fin was confused, “Dark world? Magic? Like with evil dragons ‘n’ stuff?”

“Not quite. Listen close. This here land is special. I know it cuz when I was your age I got in all sorts of trouble.  Puttin’ snakes in people’s mailboxes, smashing eggs against people’s windows, and stealin’ gummies from Mr. Grimm’s candy shop.”

Fin’s eyes went wide listening to all the bad fun his mama had done.

She continued, “I don’t know why I did it. Maybe I thought the world was against me. I was bullied too, Finny. I was hurting and sometime hurt people turn around and hurt people to deal with the mad. It ain’t right, Finny. One day I sat on the very rock you are sitting on now and an old creeper man emerged from the cluster of trees behind you,” she looked beyond Fin with a remembering look in her eyes.  “I’ll never forget,” she went on, “the way his gray hair flopped over his wrinkled forehead, the serious look in his intense gray eyes, his lips pursed around the toothpick hanging from the corner of his mouth, and his shirt and trousers covered in dirt, emitting a stench that would make a skunk squeamish. I wasn’t scared until he spoke:

‘Gloria! You are causing the dark to grow stronger and soon the darkness will envelope the bright world you’ve been given. Respect our kin, respect our land. The only way to keep the beauty that’s been passed is to do right and the darkness will never prevail. This is special land full of heavy magic waiting for release. ’

“I changed my ways Finny. And so should you. Do not ever repeat what I told you, but instead carry with you what I’ve said and choose right.”

Fin pondered what he’d heard… curious about the magic.


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