Writer Wednesday Photo Reveal

Wow! Been a bit quiet these last few days. Things over in my world have been cray-zay! So good, but very busy… barely have time to come up for air these days. 🙂 I will say, I am working on a collaboration story that I’ll reveal this weekend.

In the meantime…

It’s time for the this week’s photo reveal! Hooray!!  This week we are hosted again by the lovely Carrie over at Chasing Revery.  But first here are the stories from last week:

Detective Johnson by Scott Taylor

Friends and Enemies @ My Unpublished Life

Do You Believe in Folk Tales by Heather Musk

And for this week’s photo:

Mandatory words: blame, earth, walking stick, picture, trap

The  nutshell version of how Writer Wednesday works: 1 picture, 1 week to write a story inspired by the picture, 5 mandatory words must be used in the story, 500 words or less to do it.  Once finished, you submit your story to the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop host(ess).

The most important rule: have fun!

Your turn! What would you like to say?