A Table for One, A Flight of Three (Blog Hop Story)


Mandatory words: screwdriver, saucepan, barrel, comb, spine

Above is the photo from the Writer Wednesday photo reveal. Below is my story to go with it. Enjoy!


A table for one, a flight of three; an extra glass for the unexpected.

‘Prepare for the worst but expect the best’ Sarah always said. Words of wisdom from a wise heart. Now I have a screwdriver in my car, a saucepan under my bed, prepared for the attack I fear but doubt will ever happen.

Maybe Sarah will come today. She did last time. She loves wine tasting. I ordered extra brie, and they have the olives she loves.

A table for me. A flight of three…  I hate flying. Wine helps, and I order a glass every time I fly the sky. An extra glass for the unexpected. Sarah loves to fly. She always comes with me. It’s a barrel of laughs when we’re together. She’ll come today.

It’s not as much fun at a table for one. Sarah’s book keeps the loneliness at bay. The spine is worn thin from so many reads. Hinds Feet on High Places sends me on a journey; I comb for the truth Sarah gets so excited to share. She’s on a journey too. Maybe today she’ll tell me where’s she’s been.

A table for one, a flight of three; an extra glass for the unexpected.

*knock, knock*

She’s here!

“Come in!” I say.

“Hello, Robby. How are you feeling today?”

“Sarah! You’re here. I was getting worried you would never come. Let’s have some wine!”

Her eyes gaze downcast.

“Robby. I am Anna, remember? Sarah cannot come for wine tasting anymore.”

Oh no. No, no, no!

“Please tell me it is not true, Anna!”

The memory rides in on a wave of tears.

“Robby we have to talk about what happened if you want to get better.”

“I don’t want to be better. I want Sarah.”

“Maybe you can give her a voice today, Robby.”

I bury my face in my hands. “We were wine tasting… I took her to Napa even though I’m afraid to fly. But I love her and will endure madness for her. I’d arranged for a table for two among the grapes with her favorites: brie, Kalamata olives and a flight of her three favorite wines. She adores the romance of wine. I packed an extra glass in case I broke one… I was so nervous… I cannot do this.”

“Take your time, Robby”

“I was going to propose. She’s the love of my life, Anna.”

Reality releases, pouring out in wet sobs.

“She said she’d be right back… she needed her sweater. Damn it! Why didn’t I think of that? I waited so long for her to come back. I went to find her. I found her… crumpled… feet from our car. Her sweater lying next to her. Someone hit her and drove away… why would someone do that? I cradled her mangled body in my arms… leaving behind our tiny table for two now for one.  A flight of three forever remains. An extra glass…”

0 thoughts on “A Table for One, A Flight of Three (Blog Hop Story)

  1. hjmusk

    I was drawn all the way through this, needing to know Robby’s story and who Sarah was, why she wasn’t there anymore.
    I wasn’t expecting the ending though, very well done!

  2. andrew

    Very touching story, we’re all rooting for Robby that he can eventually find peace, although we know his love for Sarah will never fade. So sad that just a simple task to get a sweater led to this traumatic event; personally your story makes me appreciate being alive and safe each day, and never taking for granted my circle of loved ones.


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