Battle (Blog hop story)


Mandatory words: bullfight, result, novel, butcher, gossip

Above is the blog hop photo prompt; below is my story that goes with it. (I usually say enjoy!, but this one is kind of heavy and sad.)


Tears dry
Emptiness stares back.
Harsh words butcher
Her spirit in shreds.
Ugliness reflects cold
Like mid-winter death.

Community of peers
Swing cruel swords of intent.
A juvenile bullfight in
Teases and mockery;
Gossip resounds in sneers.

Her heart dies with each piercing stab;
Soaked in lies, grasping for life.

Responding love offers no relief
She falls silent; unworthy and alone.
Heavy result to bear.

Life’s novel usurps childhood tales;
Real hurt lasts forever.
Time heals yet scars stay fragile.
Love’s armor protects;
Weakening the battle.

5 thoughts on “Battle (Blog hop story)

  1. nicolepyles

    What a powerful portrayal Of this photo. Her loneliness and isolation was so apparent in this piece – ugh and I can soooo relate to the line of live’s novel. Troublingly well-said! Good job!


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