Below is my story entry from this past week’s blog hop photo reveal. There’s a few more days to participate, so I invite you to check it out here, and give it a try!

Enjoy the story!


Arizona TreeGeorgia crouched low and circled behind the tree with her ears alert. She knew that thing was close and no way was she going to let it get away this time. Her eyes scanned the yard from the shaded vantage point; everything was still. Too still. Come on, come on you little rodent. Make your move. Patience would be the key to her victory today. Yesterday she’d been too eager and, yes, maybe even a bit over-confident. She’d failed, but today Georgia would redeem herself. She lowered her belly upon the dirt with her body tense for action, ready to attack.

Tappatappatappa  Georgia jerked her head to the left as a flash of brown skittered past the walkway toward the camper. Hahaha—your move, varmint! With a leap and pounce, Georgia landed atop her enemy before it even had a chance to take cover. Checkmate—I win!


“Aww, Sarah, you have the sweetest kitty,” Suzanne exclaimed to her friend as she leaned down to give the sleeping feline a gentle scratch behind the ears.

“Thanks,” said Sarah. “That’s Georgia. She is a good cat. In fact just yesterday she brought a little brown mouse to our back door.”

“Ew. Really? Was it dead?” asked Suzanne.

“Oh sure. Georgia was standing next to it all proud. Normally I would think it’s TenasCatgross too, but actually this little mouse had been terrorizing our house, chewing up wires and stuff. Georgia took care of a very big problem catching that little thing.”

“Good for you, Georgia,” cooed Suzanne, running her hand softly down Georgia’s side.

Georgia purred and slept soundly in the peace of sweet victory.


3 thoughts on “Checkmate

  1. andrew

    Ha ha, love the story. I have no doubt sweet Georgia could hear everything they were saying about her, and I know she feels proud.


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