Goal (Blog Hop Story)


Above is the blog-hop photo prompt. Below is my story that goes with it. Enjoy!

Mandatory words: wagon, shark, navel, bulb, banana


The celebratory cheers and whistles from the stadium’s crowd filled Vivian’s ears after she scored her second goal of the game. She gave an enthusiastic fist pump to the fans and rounded it off with her signature “I love you” hand signal.

“Wow Viv! You are on fire tonight!” Bryce shouted as Vivian ran to the sidelines for her water bottle.

“Thanks, Bro. I feel good tonight!”

Vivian took a quick swig of water and returned her brother’s high five. “Their forward should have been red carded on that play. He nearly took out my knee,” Vivian said.

“I know. But you’re a shark, Sis. You maneuvered around him pretty good. You’ll get him back in the second half.”

“Yeah. Hey are mom and dad here?”  Vivian scanned the club level seats.

“No. I think Uncle Joe is in town; Mom probably doesn’t want him here. Soccer is more about navel gazing for him than it is about watching us play.” Bryce said, laughing.

“Hey Vivian!” the soccer coach called out, “You’re up! Go get ‘em!”

“On it, Coach!” said Vivian. She gave her soccer socks a firm tug.

“Go get ‘em, Viv!” said Bryce.

The crowd’s cheers and applause powered the adrenaline through Vivan’s body as she entered the field. She flashed her “I love you” sign to her fans before focusing on the ball. God, she loved this game. Being the only woman on the men’s national team made the game even better. No one ever expected she’d make it, but she did and had the stats to prove she deserved her spot on the team.

The other team’s forward dribbled the ball towards her. Bring it, sucker. Dare ya. Vivian thought.

She ran perpendicular to her opponent and around to his left side. She charged at him. At the last second, Vivian made a calculated slide tackle on the ball, striking it towards the sidelines and straight into the dribbling feet of Saunders, the team’s best midfielder. Yes! Vivian landed on her rump but scrambled to her feet to run parallel to Sanders. As they approached the goal, Saunders passed the ball over to Vivian who ran the ball into the box; with a swift kick angled a hair to the left, the ball went in.


The crowd went wild! Vivian’s heart pounded with sheer joy. She raised her “I love you sign” into the air.

“Hey Viv, you okay?” Bryce’s voice broke through Vivan’s daydream.

She opened her eyes and saw Bryce standing over her, eating a banana. “Oh, hey Bryce. Yeah, I’m okay.”

“Cool. Practice is over. Are mom and dad here?”

“Nah. Never came.”

“Oh.” Bryce looked disappointed as he carelessly tossed his gear into Vivan’s wagon.

“Hey! Watch it, Bro. Your cleats just smashed the new tulip bulbs for my garden.”

“Sorry, Sis.” Bryce said, moving his cleats to the back of the wagon. “Wait, isn’t Uncle Joe coming into town?”

Word count= 492

12 thoughts on “Goal (Blog Hop Story)

  1. Sally

    Such great enthusiasm shines through for this game, good on her, although it’s only a daydream perhaps one day dreams can come true.

    1. Leanne

      Thank you, Tony. I don’t know anything about soccer either. Hubby (a former soccer player) had to edit for me… the original wasn’t quite right. 🙂

  2. jp

    Two twists at the end, very clever, I really enjoyed it. .

    Sorry I put one in this week, my month ahead is going to be a little hectic and computer time is restricted.

    1. Leanne

      Thank you JP! No worries about this week. We’ll miss your story for sure, but we always understand how life gets crazy. Jump back in whenever you can. 🙂


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