One of my most faithful readers…


My social-media-shy husband, Andrew, and me.

About two years ago, my husband and I went through a significant rough patch in our marriage. In the midst of working our way through it, Hubz began reading my blogs. I had  three to four years worth of consistent content across two blogs and my business site. He’d never read a single post.

As he began to invest time into reading my work, each day he would come home in awe of what he’d read. One evening he returned home and said, “I love what you write and it makes me want to be student of you–I feel like I am dating you all over again… learning all about you.”

I was surprised because how could he not know me? I mean we live together, parent together, sleep together,  and talk together–everyday. Yet, he was shocked to read I was crying in the shower, feeling overwhelmed by motherhood, and finding the profoundest, tenderest moments in the crevices of my days.

Blogging is a space for me to pour out what is on my mind and heart… to experiment with my expression, to wrestle with my thoughts, to discover the meaning behind how I feel, and to engage the public in hearty discussion. I communicate differently and deeply and honestly here. I mean… I’m a writer.

It’s through my writing where I reveal my language. And for my husband, my blog posts are where he discovered how to communicate with me.

He is one of my most faithful readers now. I never know what or when he reads until I see a comment notification from him. And my heart gets all fluttery and my face gets a goofy smile when I see his name. I am excited to read his thoughts and encouragement. His comments open the door for quality pillow-talk discussions, loving texts randomly through out my day, and the safety to cry, laugh, or vent freely– because I know he gets my heart.

Andrew Comment 1




Andrew Comment 3



Andrew Comment 2



If your love has a blog– read it. Comment on it. Talk about it. And if you, dear reader, are the writer wishing your significant other could just understand… put your blog in his/her bookmarks bar and let them know it’s there for their reading pleasure. 🙂










































0 thoughts on “One of my most faithful readers…

  1. Ashley Larkin

    Absolutely precious, Leanne. Though my husband rarely comments publicly, he reads every thing I write and tells me what he thinks about it. He gently nudges me and calls out the good he sees in the words I write. You and I are some pretty blessed women, aren’t we? Grateful.

  2. hjmusk

    It’s great that you have the support of someone so loving and close to your heart. I’m curious now to see how much my husband reads of my blog. He can be a man of few words so I may have to draw his reactions out of him gently.

    1. Leanne

      Perhaps you could simply ask him how much he reads and then just invite him to share his thoughts with you. Sometimes men don’t know IF they are supposed to say something (let alone what to say), but I think they always have thoughts about what we’re doing/saying. I think sometimes they just need an obvious sign that it is okay and safe to share what they honestly think. 🙂

  3. Lucas J. Draeger

    I’ve heard a number of writers say that few of those they know personally actually read their work. I’ve certainly found that to be true. I suppose I don’t help myself much. Confessing that you are one of those writer people feels a lot like admitting you enjoy eating Spam casserole while listening to Michael Bolton.
    When I mentioned to some people at work that I recently submitted a piece to a writing contest, I heard, “Oh, so you’re a writer?”
    “Ah…” averting awkward gazes “well, yeah, sorta.”

    1. Leanne

      Haha! Well said! 😀 You know, I don’t know how many of my closest friends actually read my work. I’m often surprised (and shyly humbled) when someone reveals they read my stuff.

      “Sorta a writer”? You ARE a writer my friend. Be proud of your SPAM casserole; no one can make it quite like you and I bet if people tried it, they’d love it! 😉 What contest did you enter?


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