Cyan is…



yan is a panorama of calming presence. Carefree in dreaming about what could be; imagining the wonder of truths existing beyond the boundaries of current imagination; venturing to reach what seems out of reach.  Playful innocence exudes from Cyan as it flits between curious thoughts, yet its lighthearted ponderances anchor in deep introspection. Intuitive and reflective, Cyan seeks dark, quiet space becoming introverted in reflection. Cyan’s energy builds in solitary meditation. Revelations made in quiet rumination explode through profound creativity, made through vibrant words, art, and song.  Cyan is strong in opinion, perspective, and will; Cyan is authentic in encouragement, inspiration, and compassion.

In a world hot with conflict and turmoil, Cyan radiates serene and humble power–  igniting a fire for harmony and healing.


This piece is  inspired by my friend, Katie Campbell, who embodies an energetic warmth that makes me smile and a faithful persistence that  inspires my heart.

This piece is dedicated to my other friend,  Jennifer Harlow, who is fearless in bringing hope and healing to those who’ve lost all hope and hurt beyond what we can see.

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4 thoughts on “Cyan is…

  1. Katie

    Thank you Leanne for sharing your gift of beautiful words with me and blessing me. I feel so humbled to be considered an inspiration for this piece. You inspired me now! 🙂

    1. Leanne

      Well, I thank you for being you. I write what I feel called to write, and this piece has been percolating for quite some time! You make me smile, girl! 🙂


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