Gray is…

Today if you are walking the shadowed halls of depression or find yourself under a lackluster cloud of fog, I pray you find renewed perspective of this space.

Gray Is…

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Graceful gray is a combination of two opposites blended into a quiet yet certain middle. Bold in heart and tender in spirit, gray harbors introspective peace expressed in gradient tones bringing truth to dark and light.  No right or wrong, not one or the other, rather a bit of all shades uniting in a harmonious backdrop against a rigid world clothed in black or white.

Gray is wisdom and dignity adorned in sophisticated beauty, accentuated with the crown of glory. Oh, how elegant the silver-shine of seasoned time! Solid in lessons learned, yet gray humbles to what still lacks understanding in a changing, blazing, and passionate world needing Truth. Gray is the calm aura refining rest for the weary in seeking-spirit.

Ashes of what once lived vibrant dye happiness through somber tears. Gray blankets the mourning and honors grieving time; it cocoons the weeping, bearing the weight of sadness in loss’ sallow hues. Death’s blackness cleansed with white’s purity of faith births the healing glow of pearlescent gray.

Often misunderstood as boring and colorless, gray is the quiet shadow revealed in radiant light. It lives a mysterious existence hidden in the world’s dazzling palette of desires, demands, and expectations. Yet, when the light is just right amid the dizzying spectrum of possibilities, gray stands out as pleasantly neutral, serving as an anchor for peace and inciting a dignified love for all truth.


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