Purple is

The following piece was inspired by my friend Tena over at Jottings and Writings and is dedicated to my mom and daughter–all three of whom profess purple as their favorite color and embody the traits of this gorgeous hue.

We are  our favorite color



Purple is one of a kind in existence; beautifully mysterious embodying delicate strength. The combination of two extremes, purple is powerful yet tranquil, energetic yet calm, passionate yet meditative. Purple quietly delights in love and admiration yet unabashedly—unconditionally—tends to the heart and offers affectionate admiration. Purple is fearless when bold—demands respect, honesty and integrity for purple is, in the truest sense, these things. Yet in tender tones purple is carefree in romance, imagination, creativity and indulges whimsy. It is the rarest beauty found against the organic greens of earth’s natural world—a precious existence to be protected yet must be set free, for purple thrives in all these things when unconstrained. The one and only mix of hot and cool juxtaposed against a colorful world, purple is steadfast on its own. 

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