Dear Friend, What is it about God…?

Dear Friend,

What is is about God that makes you so mad? The mere mention of His name causes your shoulders to tense, and your fists to curl, and your mouth to spit words of hate.

What is is about God that makes you so skeptical? The mere mention of His name causes indignant doubt and the passionate desire to prove His non-existence.

What is is about God that makes you so irritated? The mere mention of His name causes you to turn your back, to tune out your heart, to question the intention of the Believer.

What is it about God that makes it easier to believe in the universe, to believe in coincidence, to believe in “just meant to be”–all of which are equally unseen and void of visible proof and human explanation. Why is God so much more intensely unfathomable than those other things to which we have no clear answer?

I ask not to challenge, but to simply ask because I don’t understand.

The harsh heart, the angry words, the indifferent spirit towards a God who has shown undeniable presence and wielded great power in my life is crushing to my heart.

Father holding daughter in arms at the beachImagine a tiny daughter who adores her father, who grasps her father’s hand and looks up at him with adoring eyes and sweetly requests, “Carry me, daddy. I am so tired.” She asks because her heart knows that her father will lean down and scoop her up, holding her close in the strength and safety of his arms. She knows because he’s proven time and again that anytime she needs him, he’s there. And when she’s securely held high above the terrain that has made her so tired, she rests, leaning her head upon his shoulder and falling asleep in the peace of his love for her.

Now, look at that peaceful little girl and tell her that her father doesn’t exist.

Tell her the safety, rest, and love she’s feeling right now is imaginary and she was crazy to even ask to be carried. Look into her eyes and spit words fury that this father is nothing but a figment of her imagination and she should never speak of or rely upon this so-called father again. Tell her that the pressure to live a life of happiness, peace, and security lies completely upon her– upon her abilities, her intelligence, and her willingness to follow the harsh expectations of the world. You tell this little girl that if she isn’t finding happiness and fulfillment it’s because she isn’t good enough, strong enough, smart enough, and savvy enough to make it in this world. Tell her that the key to finding purpose in her life is to work hard as hard as she can and if she gets tired, sick, or disabled, well then tough luck. She isn’t cut out to make it in this world. Her future is hopeless.

You tell this little one that the father she knows so well and with whom she pleads to carry her has never and will never lift her from the terrain that makes her so tired.

Imagine how heartbroken this little child would be.


In the eyes of the world I am just another woman. In the eyes of my Father, as my child is His, so am I His daughter.

I am that daughter of God. I am God’s child who looks up and reaches out for my Father’s hand, sometimes for the sake of my own tiredness and always for the sake of others’. I see you, friend, who is angry, skeptical, irritated, and unbelieving, as my brother or sister. It’s okay if you don’t believe. But I do. Please be careful with your words. Words are powerful and words meant to hurt… do.

Your words, however, won’t ever shake my faith. I could give you my testimony if you’d like, but it’s hard if God is so unwelcome to your ears. Would you even listen to me? My intention would never be to convert you because that isn’t my job. As Christian I am simply to share how much He loves you by being transparent about how He’s shown his love for me (despite my brokenness)–about all the times He’s scooped me up when I have been so tired.

I wish and I pray that you would have the experience of our Father scooping you up in Love because I assure you, He will and does. But I dare ask, if you won’t even allow the mention of His name to penetrate your ears, how will you ever accept even the possibility of Him as a Father to enter your life?  I wish you could give Him a chance (even in your skepticism)–to spend some time learning about who Jesus was/is for yourself. He’s more real than the universe and so much more powerful than coincidence.

There’s no doubt God is incomprehensible. His omnipotent power is beyond human sense and control. He seems scary and unsafe, but I assure you it’s broken people and the darkness threaded through this world that is scary and unsafe. God is a father who loves his children and wants nothing more than to protect you– to lift you high above the wearisome terrain of this life and give you rest.

That is what I believe to my core. It’s okay if you don’t, I just kindly ask that you please be careful with your words against what you cannot see or understand.

Much love and In His Peace,




15 thoughts on “Dear Friend, What is it about God…?

  1. Eric Riddle

    LeAnne- I’m Eric Riddle, Tony’s friend from Columbus, IN. Tony was showing me the ropes of WordPress yesterday. I am pleased to have the chance to read your post tonight.

    I love these questions. I hope they engage some people who do feel antagonism towards God. They certainly need space to voice their feelings- not just to the echo chamber of those who feel the same, but to those who relate to God as you do.

    Thank you,
    Eric Riddle

    1. Leanne Post author

      Hi Eric, nice to meet you. What a great friend you have in Tony! Thanks so much for your response to my post. It certainly would be a gift to have a good conversation with someone who’d be willing to respectfully share their thoughts and feelings with me.

      Enjoy the blogosphere!

  2. kindredspirit23

    I grew up in a Christian home. I no longer profess to be a Christian, however, I deeply believe in God as a loving, benevolent, and tender Creator. I do not worry about death as I know I will return to Him. He is the steadfast part of my life. He makes all things possible and it is to Him I turn to when it is dark and to Him I offer thanks when it is light.
    Thank you for such a loving post.

    1. Leanne Post author

      Love this song so much. I had forgotten about it! One of my favorite lines is “What if the arms that catch you catch you by surprise?” It’s my favorite way to be caught by God; even as a strong Christian I am still regularly caught in awe and humbled surprise when God shows up.

      I wish more people would take a breath and consider for a moment, what if… there’s no harm in considering, for even just a moment, what if this “God thing” were true. Wouldn’t it be awesome? I don’t understand what is so angering about it. Thanks for the song, Erin!

  3. Holly Michael

    Wow. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing this. Really hit home with having family members who are not only non believers but don’t like the mention of God. Hard to not mention the greatest love of your life.

    1. Leanne Post author

      Oh, it is so hard to keep the Love of your life under wraps! I pray the Lord will speak into the hearts of your family. Never lose hope that one day they will hear His voice. Peace and much love to you. <3

  4. rgayer55

    As I recall, Jesus told the disciples to dust off their sandals and move on when encountering those who refused to believe. I feel sad for those who are unwilling to accept that there is a loving God who desires a relationship with them. I think you asked the questions we’re all curious about. Why are the mad, angry, irritated? Actually, I’m rather amused by the atheists. Why are they so worked up about something they don’t believe in? Great post.

    1. Leanne Post author

      Thank you so much for your thoughts. Yes, I would love to have a genuine and calm conversation with someone as to what exactly makes them so angry. I am sincerely curious.


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