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Fall Birches (my attempt at #poetry)

I went to a writer’s conference yesterday and took a class called “Listening for your Voice.” The subject focused on poetry, and the instructor stressed– Don’t be afraid to write who you are and where you are. You were given a special voice, so use it. (I contend this is an absolute truth applicable for all genres.)

Okay. Let’s see how I sound.

I’m experimenting with what’s called an Ekphrastic poem, using a photograph I was given in class yesterday.  Poetry may or may not be my strong suite, but it’s fun to write different things, and I hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed writing it. 🙂


“Fall Birches”


Grand and tall, colorful and strong, the birch stands solid and steadfast. Against the clear blue sky, fall inspires fresh new colors of season’s change. Gathered together a forest of trees is simply beautiful.

A rare autumn day in great Northwest, sunshine rays warm and bright. No clouds hinder crisp reds and golds, no rain dampens my spirit; it wanders free, delighting in contemplation on my love for the birch.

Pure white; tall, slender, misshapen body; tender skin etched and scarred in black. Spindly arms hold delicate leaves of fall’s rainbow, silver green in springtime. The birch seems an innocent and fragile creation. Graceful and soft.

Yet under my hands, beneath the tissue-paper coating and knotted blemishes, I feel sturdiness; strength within the trunk. The birch’s core unshakable; branches anchored, unbending under pressure; leaves fastened.

I smile. Intimate exploration with my senses reveals stark contrasts  I’ve come to love about God’s curious creations. Fragility and strength; beauty and blemish; inner truth and outer observations. Time, heart, and wonder lead to hidden places holding marvelous discoveries about life.

So it is with human spirit. Gathered together a beautiful sight, strong and radiant against the backdrop of a vibrant world. As seasons change and life lives on, His dynamic contrasts exude from each–  every heart bruised and scarred in noticeable places carrying a core of fortitude.

Time, heart, and wonder lead to marvelous places. A majestic canopy of fall birches inspires awe for God’s nature.