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Writer-mama seeks beta-recipe testers!

Hey friends! As I have mentioned, I am working on my first children’s book called The Hungry Garden. This is an alphabet book that bridges two worlds together, allowing children to imagine the endless fun they can have in their kitchen using the food they can  grow in their garden. It comes with a snack book filled with recipes kids and parents can make together, with the encouragement to be creative in customizing or changing the recipes to make them their own.

Here’s the message I teach my own children and want to share with you and yours: the world has lots of confusing messages and strict rules about food. Don’t listen to them. Listen to your imagination and your body–eat what sounds good and have fun with it. Continue reading

Sneak Peek into The Hungry Garden



As I have been navigating a current season of depression, one thing that has been bringing me joy is working on my children’s book. As I have mentioned before, the main manuscript, The Hungry Garden, is complete, and now I am working on developing the recipes for the snack book that accompanies the story.


Sean’s original recipe

Much to my delight, my son, Sean, joined me in the kitchen this past weekend. Not only did he help me cook, but he actually created the recipe we were testing! What makes me more excited is this is the recipe that coincides with the very first line that came to me when this book idea was born. Continue reading

"Meet Me in the kitchen."

Kneading dough

I have written a book. I said I never would, but clearly God disagreed. Every time I open up the file on my computer it’s a bit surreal to see it there. I hope that you’ll get to read it, but it isn’t time yet, and honestly I don’t know the plans for this precious gift given to me. I can imagine the plans that would be cool to see, but nothing I imagine could be better than what God has planned (and has already done).

It’s a children’s book called The Hungry Garden. The main manuscript is written and edited and has even gone through a beta-reading process. From an industry perspective, this book is ready for a publishing journey. Oh friends, it’s so tempting! However ( I must remind myself), I write for God and not the industry. Continue reading